Logan Airport, MA

Terminals A, B, C, E

Logan International Airport (BOS)
1 Harborside Drive
Boston, MA 02128


Important Information:

Terminal and Bus Stop: Dartmouth Coach discharges and picks-up passengers at Terminals A, B, C & E only.
Terminal Hours: N/A
Phone: (toll free) 1-800-637-0123
Purchase Tickets: Dartmouth Coach does not have a ticket counter at Logan Airport. Tickets will be purchased at South Station.
Payment Methods: Cash, Visa & MasterCard
ATM: Available
WiFi: Available on board
Public Telephone: Available
Parking: Available
Taxi: Available
Hotel: Hilton at Logan Airport: 617-569-9300
Facility Information: Logan Airport is on the BLUE & SILVER LINE.

Allow 30-45 minutes between Logan Airport and South Station to make connections.

Due to traffic, the bus may not be able to stop in the exact location, but will pull to the curb as close as possible. The driver will exit the bus, and call the destination of that coach. It is important for passengers to pay attention and be in the designated area prior to departure time.

Please be aware that some coaches are dropping off passengers ONLY.

All Logan Airport arrival and departure times listed in our timetable are for Terminal A. All other stops are approximate: for Terminal B, add 2 minutes; Terminal C, add 4 minutes; Terminal E, add 5 minutes.

Terminal A:
Downstairs, outside of baggage claim, all the way down to the right of the terminal near the signs that read Scheduled Buses.

Terminal B: Downstairs outside of baggage claim by the orange bus sign at US Airways and American Airlines. Reminder, after the bus departs from Terminal A, it will proceed to B1, and then B2. Dartmouth Coach only picks up at the far right handside of the terminal as you exit the facility. An orange bus sign is located to the left.

Terminal C: Outside of baggage claim, wait by the curb, by the scheduled orange bus sign.

Terminal E: Downstairs, outside of baggage claim, all the way down to the right of the terminal, by the scheduled orange bus sign.